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The healing arts of ShaoLin Qi Gong

By Shi DeLon
The healing arts of ShaoLin Qi Gong

By Shi DeLon

Phd research fellows ShangDong University

31st generation ShaoLin laymonk

12th generation ChenJiaGou TaiChiQuan

Heath problems

An old Chinese saying tells us that running water

creates life while stale water is pretty lifeless. We,

as a living organism on this planet, have to keep

moving and be active at all times in order to sustain

our vital life force. If we are lazy or bed-bound, the

body and mind will rot, therefore, we must exercise in

order to stimulate and increase the metabolic rate of

one? body. However sadly, our so-called modern

hi-tech living of today is virtually steering us into

our early graves. For example, while the so-called

powerful cars manage to transport at an average 20

miles/hr efficiency, they line the roads ready to gas

us all to death. Couch-potato culture and the computer

craze is turning us into an alien race with large

guts, small brains and very tiny limbs. Frankly

speaking, we are evolving backward physically. On the

other hand, our materialistic higher standards of

living successfully provide us with more bills and

debts. It is very rare for anyone to enjoy a good diet

or a good night and peaceful sleep because of stress

and worries. As our mind and body are virtually being

made redundant by the rapid progress of electronic

technology, our life force is slowly fading away. The

diminishing flows of Qi energy and blood inside our

fragile earthly shell become apparent. Like stale

water, our vital metabolic rate recedes to dangerous

levels which expose us to all kinds of known and

unknown illnesses. This is where the importance of

traditional Chinese medicines TCM the theory of Ying

& Yang balance operates.

How Qi Gong healing therapies work?

Traditional Chinese QiGong healing methods are not

new gimmicks. They have held strings of unbroken

clinical records as old as the Chinese civilisation.

The vast population of China has used these ancient

healing methods extensively in the past and continues

to do so to this day. The true practices of the

ancient and traditional QiGong healing, in their many

various forms, are still largely unknown and generally

misunderstood. This ignorance has led to these fine

healing arts being regarded as superstition,

devil-worshipping or simply as hoax. QiGong healing

methods, apart from the health and martial values,

are, indeed very effective self-healing therapies.

However, before anyone even tries to comprehend how

these unusual healing methods work, one has to

understand how the Chinese interpret the causes of

illnesses and how, as they see it, the body is healing


The several thousands year old Chinese ?ig Bang

theory of WuChi (Emptiness)and TaiChi (Two extremes)

has illustrated how the Universe was created. The

timeworn Five Elements philosophy testifies how

exactly everything in the Cosmic was formed. It

suggests that our life force is a speck of star dust,

therefore, if human species are products of this large

universe, logically, we will be governed by all the

forces of Mother nature. The slightest Cosmic changes

will directly influence our well-being on planet

Earth. In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) term, the

Ying and Yang forces of the body will then be tilted.

This will only mean that our normal life force would

be upset and illnesses are to follow. Hence, TCM looks

upon healing of the whole body as an entity not parts

of a machine. Adequate treatments will be applied not

only directly onto the problems but, most importantly,

the causes themselves.

Ancient Chinese QiGong energy healing therapies

suggest that healers, doctors neither Orthodox, nor

Chinese actually cure people. It is the valuable

knowledge of medicines which enables these experts to

prescribe essential drugs or herbs. These ?edicines

which one takes are actually not healing agents. They

are merely "stimuli". Likewise, the needles of an

accupunturist does not really exert the healing power

into the problems. Again, it is the stimuli which

triggered by the needles which have been embedded

along vital energy lines of the body. The same healing

property applies to QiGong energy methods. Therefore,

during each session, skilled QiGong healer will open

up their QiMen energy gates which are hidden

underneath the skin layers. By doing so, he/she can

then ?onnect with the Cosmic Qi energy which flows

freely around Heaven & Earth (Cosmic). After

?apturing this vitality from the Universe, healer

will store them within the DanTien or energy ?ouse in

the body. Upon precise control of the brain waves

(mind), vital emmission of internal Qi energy from

inside the body towards the subject can be made

possible. 1.

Also, it is only at this very crucial point that

QiGong healing can be executed when powerful healer

manipulate the flow of energy inside the patients.

When these Qi stimuli enter our blood streams, they

trigger chemical reactions which continue to boost the

WaiQi defensive energy of our Immune system.

Subsequently, the rates of metabolism jump many folds

to compete and repair the illness which has unbalanced

our Ying & Yang life force. Slowly but surely our

bodies and minds can be helped to become normal again.

It is justified to say that it is not just the work of

doctors, healer or medicines which cure the illnesses.

It is also the efforts of the patient? own defensive

or healing agent WaiQi that restores patients back to

normal and healthy conditions.

From time to time, we have heard about reports

stating that cancer patients have recovered fully

naturally. However, critic may say that those cases

are very rare. Indeed, they are. Whatever the

arguments are, we should not simply look at the

statistics, we should focus more on the possibility of

such occurrences. Can the body really heal itself?

According to the medical science of QiGong healing,

?es is the answer and the chances are much higher

than one would expect. Nevertheless, let? look at the

pathogenic factors behind such phenomenons.

To the Chinese, the well beings of a person are

controlled by the seven emotional contents. They are

termed under happy, anger, sad, worry, grief, fear and

fright. These imbalance of the hormones Ying & yang

can cause severe psychological and physiological

problems. They are the main pathogenic factors of the

former endogenous diseases. Furtherstill, these seven

emotional changes, in extreme cases, can selectively

disable different internal organs ZangFu. Likewise,

overjoy may bring about a heart attack, an excessive

anger in some instances can causes the victim to

faint as haemorrhage occures. Today, our so-called

higher standards of living are rising, so are the

bills and debts. These external factors directly bring

about stress and depression to the victims.

Psychological problems give rise to insomnia, eating

and mental disorders. As depression sets in, patients

usually withdrawn into his/ her own little world, They

simply lay back, feeling sorry for themselves. Their

lack of physical exertion resembles a pond of stale

water. There is not enough oxygen, circulation of

blood and Qi energy around the body. Slowly, stagnant

and bad bloods begins to rot vunlerable cells turning

them into cancerous agents.

On the other hand, DNA defects, physical injuries,

exposure to radiation and viruses can also bring about

the imbalances of Ying & Yang hormones. Whatever the

causes, our Endocrine system fails to requlate sutable

amounts of hormones which govern our life force. Worse

still, the vitality of Immuse system has broken down,

thus impairing the natural fighting ability of the

body. However, don? be despaired yet because if this

is the negative Ying side of the senario, there will

be the positive Yang side. It is the Laws of nature.

In addition, the patient is still alive, therefore, if

there is a much stronger Qi energy field to be put

directly into the weakened life force, there is no

reason why the body can not fight back. Slowly, the

boosted rates of metabolism will discard the rotten

cells and replace with new healthy cells. This is the

main task and healing properties of QiGong healing.

Yet, the next question is how to bring about the vital


Once the previous concept can be comprehended, then

unusual Chinese QiGong energy healing methods can be

accepted. It is because the Cosmic energy which we

have briefly mentioned before are actually the

"Stimulus" we are using in the healing process.

Obviously, how to capture and direct such vital and

powerful phenomenons to trigger our Master glands in

releasing more hormones to boost metabolism is exactly

the main objective of Chinese QiGong study and

training. My past eight years of clinical practices

around the world have gained successful results in

treating patients with problems like multiple

sclerosis, leukemia, drug addiction, hapatitius B,

mental disorder, insomnia, sciatica, asthma, backache,

smoking, frozen shoulders, migraine etc.. In China,

there are even more incredible healing results.

At the end of the day, it is a person? own brain

which commands all the repairing works (mind over

matters). Science tells us that we are only using

one-tenth of our brain while 90% is still unknown.

Therefore, armed with genuine knowledge, correct

skills and a positive state of mind,chances of

recovery are very high. Those who have seen live

footages of my past healing sessions or have

personally felt my Qi Power will know that there is

definately something there. As for my power of

phenomenon, perhaps I have ?pened another chamber in

my brain, allowing me to do things others can not.

Still, I am only a very normal person. But if I can

achieve these standards, anyone else can. So don?

give up without a fight. Come, join me and we try to

work together for a successful result.


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